Oh hi! How was your last week? I mean since the last post? Remember? One post every week?

I have to admit that I’ve lost focus. I started another project but now I want to work on the autopilot. Especially when days getting shorter and colder. That means more time for ETS2.

The first idea that came to my mind was the calibration process. Unlike the autopilot systems in regular cars, the “camera” is not in a centered position. I’m sure you want to use the autopilot with your favourite viewing angle. Therefore I will implement a routine that figures out the offset to the real vehicle center.

The computer detects the lane and figures out the center of it as you’re driving normally. With every frame the orientation point (lets call it “virtual center”) gets shifted towards your actual viewing position. When this process is done the autopilot will detect the virtual center and uses this to steer a bit more to the left or right.