The Future!

Have you enjoyed the sound of silence? Yes? Because now this silence is over. Finally here is an update on the ETS2Autopilot.

It was not easy figuring out what to do with this project. I know that I wanted to go away from the first version for various reasons. This version was more like a tech demo for me. I wanted to test something out and made the code public. I wrote it quick and dirty. After the feedback from you I created a GUI. This was an UI without much UX. I just implemented the first thing that came in my mind and thats how it looks. And many of you had problems with that piece of software.

I’m willing to help people but at some point it was exhausting and I lost motivation. And then I had enough. I explained that I will not continue developing the Autopilot. Furthermore I want to start from scratch with at least a bit project management stuff. And here we are!

Time passed and the vision for the next version became clearer. What I have for you today is THE plan.

  1. Simple Lane Detection
  2. Neural Network

Looks simple, huh? But here are some features and ideas for Step 1:

  • Lane Detection with OpenCV
  • UI with HTML, CSS, JS, etc. (you can design your own UI)
  • OS independend
  • Works with keyboard and controller
  • Wizard for ingame configuration

That’s it! Stay tuned for more updates on development progress.